Why Bother With Sustainability?


Combining streetwear fashion with sustainability

Many people think that when we talk about sustainable clothing, we are talking about something boring, something that no one wants to wear. What if we told you that sustainability is only a small role in the fashion industry and it's getting bigger and bigger every year.

For everyday wear

What actually sustainability in fashion industry mean?

In fashion with sustainability, we refer to the impact of the production of fashion pieces on the environment, such as the creation of raw materials, processing of materials and production. It is also important to know how to give fashion a second life. Many companies use deadstock, meaning seasonal clothing lines that will no longer be sold in stores. There is actually nothing wrong with such clothes, the only thing is that they are not fashionable, which means that companies can buy them and use them to make something that follows the fashion trends of the moment.

How are we doing it?

All of our T-shirts are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, which means that the material contains at least 70% organic fibers and is made in a socially responsible manner without child labor, harassment, violations and discrimination.


Made with perfection

Our products are designed and handmade in Slovenia from materials that preserve nature and offer the highest possible quality. With our first collection called the Dreaming Collection, we believe that some clothes have the power to motivate and inspire people.
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